Aussie Expressions 4 April 2007

(BTW, Aussie is pronounced ‘Ozzie’) Here is a list of the expressions and words we have heard – I am sure we have left some out!

How ya goin’? – most common greeting, along with G’day (mate)!
How ya goin’, not bad, alright? – Marty does it all for you – question and answers!
She’ll be right, mate! – It will be okay
Pinched – stolen, taken
Gobsmacked – absolutely amazed
Having a go – teasing
Flat white – latte
Brekky – breakfast (this is even used on McDonald’s and KFC signs)
Mackers – McDonald’s, as in Big Mac
Mozzies – mosquitos (our favorite, and it is used all the time!)
Ron – short for ‘later on’
Squiz – have a look (like ‘have a sticky beak’, which I learned from Phil in NZ)
No, I’m alright – rather than ‘no thanks’, or ‘I’m fine’
Snag – sausage, hence ‘snagman’
Dip your bus pass (into the machine – this is actually on the signs in the bus)
She charges like a wounded bull
Tinny – a can of beer, or a skiff (small boat)
Bee – beer
You’ve got Buckley’s! – no chance in hell!
Posi – position
Doona – quilt (I never heard quilt or blanket, only doona)
Apunyakupai – Pitjantjatjara word for person who looks at rocks all the time (= Kathy Stolper!)
RS – ratshit
Bitumen – paved road (always used – they never say pavement)
Chalk and cheese – like mixing oil and water
Grid – cattleguard on the road
Ripper, beauty – great, fantastic, sweet! (frequently used by Marty!)
Peckish – a little hungry
The Great Australian Wave – swatting flies
SNAG – sensitive new age guy
DINK – double income, no kids
Mob – family, clan, tribe, group (frequently used in our group in the Outback)
Stacked it – to fall or trip (a lovely young lady bartender used this expression,
telling Marty how she fell, while we were with him in a bar in Yulara)
Spat the dummy – having a hissy fit or tantrum
Don’t piss on our fire – don’t rain on our parade
Tarred with the same brush – all the same, all alike
Think outside the ‘square’ – instead of outside the ‘box’