Archives: February 2007

Sydney – Part I 25 February 2007

Socs, my friend from QIQ and Hyperion was a lovely host, along with his wife Caroline. They took us to the beach for a picnic lunch, and then Socs took us beach hopping. The next day we took a bus to the ferry (they live on the North Shore) over to walk around The Rocks, past the Opera House, through the Botanical Gardens (where we saw flying foxes – huge bat-like things hanging by the thousands from the trees), through Potts Point, then Kings Cross, then took a two-level subway train to Bondi Beach for dinner at Sobo with my friends from hiking the volcano in New Zealand. Whew! (more…)

We are off…to see the wizard!!! 13 February 2007

I can hardly believe it – Patricia and I are leaving in 7 days (Tuesday 20 Feb) for 6 weeks in Australia! This will indeed be the trip of a lifetime. Thanks to Patricia’s months of planning, our trip has 4 parts, plus 5 days of Sydney sightseeing.

Part 1: Karen (my Newkirk sister-‘out’-law) is taking us and 9 others (including Marty – younger son, my nephew, age 23) from Adelaide into the Outback for 10 days. She has done *amazing* work on this portion, excited to have a great reason to go back to visit her and my brother Jim’s old friends and colleagues from the years they lived and worked in the Pitjantjatjara Lands. We will camp most nights, under the stars, often not far from an Aboriginal community, sleeping in swags. (more…)