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Amanda’s Wedding :) 26 June 2006

Last weekend I went to San Diego to Dave & Susie’s for Amanda’s wedding – Amanda was lovely, the wedding was beautiful, and Charlie is a sweetheart – enjoy the photos under “Family Fotos”!

Dolly Sods Wilderness Area (WV) Backpacking 11 June 2006

Finally, we are backpackers again!
Red Creek

Patricia and I have been talking about backpacking for over 2 years, and we finally put our feet where our talk has been. (We each did a little in high school and college.) This past Monday, we headed for West Virginia, for the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area, an amazing place.

Lester and I have driven through there at least twice for short hikes while visiting Canaan Valley, and loved it, poking around the beautiful rocky ridge cliffs on the edge of the wilderness along FS road 75. The scenery feels very alpine, like Colorado above timberline. (more…)