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Bali — an exotic study in contrasts 20 September 2008

bungalowsOn our arrival in Indonesia (nearly 4 weeks ago!), we had 2 nights and one whole day in Bali, then we had 4 more days at the end of our dive trip. Our delightful lodging for both stays, Puri Saraswati Bungalows (found by Mel), is in the town of Ubud in the low volcanic foothills about 1.5 hours from Denpasar where the airport is located. Right in the center of Ubud, a town that is the traditional art center of the island, this place with its ornate carved and marble rooms used to be guest bungalows for the royal family, built in the 70s. Part of the compound includes a royal family temple and lotus pond, which is now also the exquisite view from the Lotus Café next door – all in all a really lovely, lush area. Here is a link to Map of Bali (more…)

More Diving in Paradise…Wakatobi Dive Resort 12 September 2008

When we arrived at the resort from the Pelagian for the next 10 days of our trip, Lyn and I kept saying to each other “this place is a paradise!” The sea and sky are SO blue, the sand SO soft and white, and the palm trees of all types were gently swaying in the constant breeze. resort from jetty bar with MelThe charming bungalows and buildings are all grass-roofed, and the main “Longhouse” is very open to the air, with rolling bamboo shutters that can be lowered for shade or rain protection. The temperature was a pretty constant 82-85F, with low humidity, so it was quite delightful all the time. The resort is located on a corner of the island of Tomia (wa-ka-TO-bi), so it feels at several points like the sea is on 3 sides of you. The “House Reef”, protected from all fishing for about 10 years now, is right off the front step of the resort beyond the delicate seagrass, and is now famous to divers around the world for its beauty, diversity, and sheer abundance of sea life. The owner and founder, Swiss Lorenz Mader, has been working alongside the government, local people and villages on the nearby islands to stop all destructive fishing, and the resort has been voted #1 in several eco-categories by numerous organizations. (more…)

Pelagian Live-Aboard: Wakatobi, Indonesia 6 September 2008

Getting There

We are actually on land now, at the resort – it is hard to believe we have been diving now for 16 days, non-stop. Deni on Waka III(Actually, I stopped yesterday – took the ENTIRE day off to give my sore ear, and overloaded eyes and brain, a break – and to get this posted!) And these are LONG dives – 70 minutes or more, all of them. The Pelagian never actually docks AT the Wakatobi Resort – it is too shallow, so it docks about 2-3 miles away around the corner. When we returned to the resort from our 11 days on board, a water taxi picked up Deni (right), our dive guide from the Pelagian, who returned on this resort dive boat to collect us. On this kind of boat is where we are now spending lots of our time!

But to back up just a bit… (more…)