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A Last Long Look at Sydney 4 April 2007

We have had a fantastic two final days in Sydney; what a really, really beautiful city! Yesterday we spent walking from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach on the Coastal Walk – along scores of breathtakingly beautiful beaches with built-in swimming pools, surrounded by gardens and lovely old homes and steep rocky bluffs. (more…)

Aussie Expressions 4 April 2007

(BTW, Aussie is pronounced ‘Ozzie’) Here is a list of the expressions and words we have heard – I am sure we have left some out!

How ya goin’? – most common greeting, along with G’day (mate)!
How ya goin’, not bad, alright? – Marty does it all for you – question and answers!
She’ll be right, mate! – It will be okay
Pinched – stolen, taken
Gobsmacked – absolutely amazed (more…)

We Have Lost the Plot! (and are *really* ready to go home) 4 April 2007

Last night we plopped ourselves on the grassiest spot we could find in a caravan park just off the Hume Highway about 550k from Sydney, and today we raced into the city. Contrary to what some folks had told us though, we thought it was a beautiful drive – the countryside is lovely, even in the drought. We are now in such a hurry to get home that we passed Annandale Road – NO KIDDING! (more…)

Some of Anwar’s Flight Control Stories 3 April 2007

Last year, some race car drivers visiting Hamilton Island decided to use the runway for some fun late one night. They didn’t see the end of the runway, and slammed on their brakes as the end came up fast, and ended up down on the rocks, leaving some big skidmarks on the very end of the runway. The next day, a well known Australian airline’s jet was taking off, and as they approached the end of the runway, saw the marks and commented to the tower ‘Wow – looks like some poor fellow ended up in the water!’. (more…)

Amazed in the Australian Alps 2 April 2007

This last part of our trip (not including our last two days in Sydney), has been just amazing! We headed up into the Australian Alps, and found ourselves fascinated by the remnants of the big bush fires this past summer. There were three very big, bad fires, which combined and are now called the Great Alpine Fire of 2006. We drove through the mountains for hours, gawking and saddened, but also amazed at how it seems to be regenerating so very fast. (more…)

Rain on Wilson’s Prom 2 April 2007

We arrived back in Melbourne on Wednesday from the Great Barrier Reef and Anwar, picked up our ‘hire’ car (a brand new silver Toyota Corolla hatchback), and loaded our bikes, bags, and backpacks all into it with no problem at all, and headed for Wilson’s Promontory, a triangle-shaped, ruggedly mountainous peninsula at the very bottom of Australia, just across the Bass Straight from Tasmania.

Talk about another complete change of weather – it was rainy and quite cool there. (more…)

Anwar and His Air Traffic Control Tower 2 April 2007

After our wild ride home, we took Anwar out for Barramundi (Australia’s best fish, from the northeast coast), shrimp, fish curry, and Blueberry Mojitos, then watched his video of living and working in McKay (the one he promised Mom about 2 years ago), and then watched our favorite episode of Fawlty Towers, “Communication Problemsâ€? and one I have never seen, even though there are only 10 or 12. (more…)

South Sea Island Living 2 April 2007

WOW – we returned this afternoon (Tuesday, March 27) from our south seas island on a bucking bronco of a small boat (maybe 20 feet long?) – an hour and 15 minute trip from Maureen’s Cove at the north end of Hook Island, across the channel, around Daydream Island, and across another channel. We had a few rain squalls during the night, and throughout the morning mixed with lovely sunshine, but the boat ride took us into a windy rainstorm, and we literally slammed down into the waves almost the entire trip home… it was quite a roller coaster ride, and we were drenched from head to toe. (more…)

“Communication Problems” (a la Fawlty Towers) 2 April 2007

Patricia and I just returned from a very relaxing 2 days on a South Seas Island :), which I will tell you about in my next post, but first, two trip-related funny stories:

When I made the booking for the boat ride to our island campsite in the Great Barrier Reef by telephone from DC, I thought the company’s name was Harversford Boat Hire (as in “hah’vuhsfud” – can you see the grin on my face?). (more…)