GOR – Day 4: GR SOUTHERN OCEAN (K to Beachport, SA) 14 March 2007

Today was a *great* day – for me anyway.

A 96k day, of which I rode 65 (40+ miles), average speed 13.2mph. For the first time this tour we got a chilly early morning start, and were rewarded with a tailwind – a cyclist’s best friend. beach posesThis was Irena’s longest ride ever – she hopped on about 1/3 of the way through our 90k (58 miles?), while Patricia drove. We took a lunch stop in the delightful and really lovely tourist town of Robe, right on the ocean at a beautiful sweeping inlet point, with towering Norfolk Island pines everywhere along the shoreline. Then I FINALLY got my first crack at driving on the left-hand side of the road. It only took me 15 minutes to figure out how to get the truck/jeep (manual shift) in reverse , and after that I had no problems (we have been here now over 3 weeks, so it doesn’t seem so strange any more).

I drove on into Beachport, a small, sleepy, seaside town that straddles a cape point out into the ocean. After finding our lodgings, I parked the car and headed back along a lovely beach toward the other 3 riders, and met up with them after only about 7 miles. It was a*very* hot day, though, so we hung around, posing on the beach! Our cabin, high on the hill with a great ocean view and nice breeze, was so welcome.Beachport Sunset

We took an evening drive around the peninsula and saw fantastic ocean views; unfortunately, Irena got sick (too much heat), and had a rough time for a bit. Our total distance so far including Adelaide is about 270 miles, and I have ridden 225 of it 🙂