Nepal (Day 22) – Last “Tour” Day / Everest Flight! 12 July 2009

Today is our last day as part of the “Tibet Tour with Achi”, and it was a great way to finish. YetiWe got up *very* early (5am) for our 7:30am flight on…YETI Airlines!! (My sibs will *love* that name!) These flights (several leave within an hour of each other via multiple carriers) operate every day if clear. Before committing everyone who has paid for a ticket into the air, a small plane is sent out to see if the peaks are clear. If not, you can get your money back, or keep your ticket to try another day.

We were lucky! Our flight actually took off around 8:45 am, and on all of these flights, only the window seats are sold. So, as the plane reaches just past Makalu, it turns around, and both sides of the plane have a wonderful view. everestThis photo of Everest, with Nuptse below left and Lhotse to the right, I took from the cockpit – every person is escorted up there for about 1 minute for the best, widest view (their window is much clearer). Lester was on the ‘returning view’ side, and so had a slightly better look at the South Col. Check out the rest of these photos: Makalu, Amadablam, and Cho Oyu. The crew also gives every person a brochure that identifies each of the main peaks.

On our return we all gathered for a farewell breakfast, kaiserthen sent off Achi (to home) and Frank (to Cambodia for two days, then home). Andrea and Ali are staying one more night, and we are changing hotels and staying five more nights.

We met Andrea and Alexandra for a final dinner at the Kaiser Cafe in the Garden of Dreams (right) – what a beautiful place, an oasis in the middle of the throbbing, dusty city, surrounded by lovingly-tended gardens and fountains.