We have a new son! 15 November 2008

A&GTo our great delight, Andrea and Greg got married on November 8th. The bride was beautiful of course, as was the entire event, and most of our extended family came from far and wide… from Boise, Seattle, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Lander (WY), Rochester, Melbourne (FL), Belgrade, Jubilee Pocket (Queensland, Australia), and London – we missed L&Ldancingonly a precious few of our favorite ladies and one son-in-law. Lisa did an *amazing* job taking charge of ALL the flower arrangements (under Andrea’s artistic guidance :)). The ceremony and music, all selected by Andrea and sung by Carmina (she is a member), was exquisite. And at the reception, we made good on our dance lessons to the live tunes of Andrea and Greg’s favorite – the Tom Cunningham [swing dance] Orchestra… here is Lester’s proof! –> Lester’s photos are here in my album, but the best photos can be found at their own website here.